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Lami Textile

Lami Textile, serving a wide range of textile markets, has been a leading manufacturer of quality heat transfer printing and printed fabrics since its founding in 2005. Lami Textile's objective has always been to develop its products and services and be an innovative manufacturing company in filling customers' requests on demand. Lami Textile is known as one of the leading printing companies that continously invests in creativity and technology.

Dedication to quality without compromise, excellent customer service and on-time delivery are the main principles of the company. Lami Textile restructured its operation in 2012 in order to improve efficiency by setting up its own design studio and fabric research development department. Along with twenty years of experience on transfer printing, Lami Textile uses the inkjet digital printing technology and design software programs.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to comply environmental liabilities in all our activities, to ensure that all our employees work through enviromental responsibility, to reach excellence in our processes, manufacture the high quality fabrics and work to protect our environment in compliance with the Environmental Laws and Occupational Health and Safety Laws.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to serve our customers with dedication and offer any kind of creation and service variety needed by our customers with our continous technological investments and highest quality assurance. Combining over 20 years of expertise, a dedicated team and the latest manufacturing equipment we are able to produce a wide variety of printed fabrics both knitted and woven.

Our Production Capacity

Combining creativity with technology, Lami produces high quality printed fabrics using innovative solutions to meet the needs of textile market. Lami Textile cooperates with well known design studios from Europe to produce fabrics according to the latest trends, in addition to generating 1.500 designs per year. The company serves retailers and fashion brands worldwide, provides unique and creative printed fabric collections. As of today, Lami Textile has reached 2.5 million meters of annual printing capacity at its 3.000 square meters production facility. The company specializes in the production of printed fabrics, both knitted and wovens which weigh from 20 gsm to 350 gsm fabrics as well as polyester, cotton, viscose, polyamide, linen and their blends.

“Knitting, Digital Printing, Transfer Printing”

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Lami Textile has been exporting to Europe, North America and Russia for the last decade. The company is taking apart in the textile exhibitons in London, Munich, Paris, Moscow and employing sales agents in many countries. Moving forward, Lami Textile is investing in knitting technologies and circular knitting machines.

Lami Textile is always aiming to be an eco friendly company in its production of its fabrics by using recycled polyester fabrics certified by Global Rcycled Standard, Ecovero viscose fabrics and looking to find more green technologies as they come available.

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Exporting More Than 20 Countries

Lami Tekstil has a strong production capacity with its wide product range and solutions in transfer printing, digital printing and printed fabric production. These products are exported to Europe, North America, Balkan and Middle East countries.

Exports to Austria, Switzerland, Tunisia, Germany, France, England, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Macedonia, Netherlands, America, Canada, Russia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Honkong, Czechia, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi countries such as Arabia and Belarus. Lami Tekstil has a unique technology and increases its export network day by day as its production processes are carried out at high standards in terms of quality, health, environment and safety.


Our Memberships

Our company, which produces at world standards, has the following certificates.