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Designing and Coloring

Lami Textile collaborates with well known European design studios to create inspiring collections using both digital and traditional techniques with its talented and experienced design team.

Lami Textile’s design studio utilizes the latest technological products, equipments and enhances its vision by subscribing to catalogs, magazines and WGSN, attending fashion seminars and visiting textile fairs. So the design studio prepares the unique design collection according to latest seasonal trends.

Üretim Sayfası Ana Görsel


Lami Textile has developed strategic partnerships with major knitting mills since 2015. From our origin as a printing company, Lami Textile has evolved into a full service of fabric supplier offering finished knitted and printed fabrics to variety of customers around the world.

In 2021, the company has invested greatly in circular knitting machines operating 7/24 and has a capacity of 10 tons per day enabling us to produce our knitted fabrics in a variety of different stitches and gauges. Our team has the expertise to knit fabrics including jerseys, novelties and those using specialty yarns.

Üretim Sayfası Ana Görsel

Digital Printing

Lami Textile is an innovative digital printing company equipped with the latest technology and high definition digital printing machinery allow us to print high resolution designs and flexible colour options. Along with twenty years of experience on transfer printing, lami textile uses the inkjet digital printing technology and design software programs.

Lami Textile’s digital printing machines operate 7/24 enabling us to perform digital sublimation printing capacity of 10.000 meters per day. Our excellence in digital printing is achieved by teamwork between our creative design studio and highly experienced printing staff. The in-process production allows us to achieve a quick turnaround and great flexibility ensure the highest quality standard of all our fabrics.

Üretim Sayfası Ana Görsel

Transfer Printing

Lami Textile has been a leading manufacturer of quality heat transfer printing and printed fabrics since its founding in 2005. The company speacializes in the production of printed fabrics, variety of polyester and polyester/natural fiber blended wovens and knits.

Lami Textile’s extensive experience in heat transfer printing ensures a quality product. Today lami textile has a printing capacity of 12.000 meters per day.

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Quality Assurance

Highly trained staff with well equipped quality control machines at their disposal ensures our fabrics meet both our exact standards as well as those of our customers before shipping the fabrics. Quality control report prepared on the quality control machine including information of each roll.

Üretim Sayfası Ana Görsel


Lami Textile provides fast and reliable shipment services to its customers through experienced logistics companies.

The company offers various logistic solutions from packaging to delivery according to the needs of its customers both domestic and export.